Trust science to reopen safely

“Is it safe?”  

Fear and anxiety in an uncertain world are driving actions and decisions. Before entering a store or workplace, people ask: “Is it safe”? Which is quickly followed by: “And how do I know that it really is?”  

As a company with hundreds of employees at multiple offices around the world, RWDI found itself asking these questions, too. And so were its clients. These same clients who had trusted RWDI to keep their buildings and structures safe against environmental impacts were now asking for help to protect their people and assets from a pandemic. 

Partners in science 

Just as science guides the optimization of designs and the efficiency of buildings and structures, science is also our only defense against preventing and managing the risk of COVID-19 in shared spaces. RWDI needed a world-class partner with expertise in pathogen spread and found one in Purity-IQ. 

Purity-IQ are renowned experts in genetic, chemical and metabolomic biotechnologies. Health product and food manufacturers have relied on their scientific expertise to identify and validate ingredients, and to detect pathogens.  

Together, RWDI and Purity-IQ partnered to launch Songbird Life Science, a COVID-testing and monitoring service. Its purpose is to keep operations in shared spaces running—and the people within them safe.   

Creating safer shared spaces 

Whether it is responding to an emergency COVID-19 incident or the need to develop a comprehensive risk-prevention plan, Songbird Life Science equips businesses and workplaces with the tools needed to detect the presence of COVID-19 within minutes. Its services don’t end with a swab kit, however. Songbird offers a four-step approach customized to the specific needs of a shared space:  

Test your space

1. Assess  
A mining operation is as different from a shopping mall as a sports stadium is from an office. Building and environmental scientists assess shared spaces to gain a better understanding of its unique usage and workflows. Existing and future threats are identified with modifications recommended. 

2. Test  
Songbird spaces are equipped with easy-to-use DNA-testing kits and portable cloud-based diagnostic devices to accurately confirm the presence of COVID-19 in minutes. Only DNA tests, using scientifically validated PCR technology, can accurately detect viruses on surfaces and in asymptomatic people. 

3. Improve  
Many testing kits can confirm the presence of a virus, but then what? Songbird building specialists advise and train partners on how to implement practical, long-term solutions within their space to prevent recurrence and future disruption.  

4. Trust  
Extensive training ensures the confident deployment of Songbird plans and testing. User-friendly digital tools communicate the evidence people need to continue to trust a shared space.  

“Why do I need Songbird?” 

Physical spacing, temperature checks, deep cleaning and PPE are helpful, but not enough on their own. Similarly, there are many products and services that offer a solution to address one or two issues in the fight against COVID-19, but they each fall short on addressing the challenge holistically. Seeing the limitations of the many plug-and-play options on the market, we knew a fuller response was needed to address as many risks as possible. 

With actual long-term, science-backed solutions, Songbird offers unmatched expertise in buildings, ventilation, air flows and pathogen spread, as well as effective layout solutions and ongoing air-quality monitoring. Instead of asking “Is it safe?” the question to now ask is: “Is it a Songbird space?”  

Contact us to create a safer space with Songbird Life Science.