Ventilation Matters

Ventilation matters

The air we breathe. Never before has the connection between air quality and our health been more evident. Airborne viruses, including SARS, H1N1 and now SARS-CoV-2, have proven that when air moves around a room, contaminated droplets and aerosols move with it. An optimized ventilation system is one of the most effective methods for removing airborne pathogens from an environment and protecting the people within it.

Ventilation in a classroom

Optimize air quality

Just as every space is unique, so is its ventilation configuration. Songbird Life Science’s ventilation experts include building-performance engineers and scientists from its founding company, RWDI. Applying a deep understanding of air flow and heat-transfer phenomena, Songbird’s world-renowned experts map current air-flow patterns and assess existing systems to solve complex air-movement challenges, identify transmission risks, and recommend practical solutions.

Improve air distribution

Many external and internal factors impact the efficiency of a ventilation system in an enclosed space. Fortunately, there are effective mitigation measures to reduce or remove pathogens to minimize spread. Simply installing a new air-distribution device or filter, however, can cause unintended consequences. An informed understanding of an environment’s air distribution is essential before its quality be optimized.

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