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PCR testing

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Rapid testing - PCR

Rapid RT-qPCR testing

A PCR (polymerase chain reaction) rapid test applies DNA/RNA identification technology to accurately identify the genetic markers of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Globally recognized as the “gold standard” for accurate COVID-19 testing, RT-qPCR rapid tests are available in North America.

MicroGEM Sal6830 RT-qPCR Test

The only FDA emergency use authorized saliva test for SARS-CoV-2.  With results in 27 minutes, the Sal6830 test is fast, comfortable, and accurate.  Sal6830 uses an extraction-free process.

Hyris bCUBE

Hyris bCUBE RT-qPCR Test

Validated by Health Canada at 100% sensitivity and specificity at 99%, the Hyris bCUBE is unmatched for its high sensitivity, often detecting infection in asymptomatic carriers. Authorized by Health Canada for point-of-care testing, the bCUBE is the chosen testing device by leading businesses, organizations, and communities.

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Ideal deployments for PCR rapid tests

Different rapid tests serve different purposes. Songbird can help determine which tests—PCR/NAAT, antigen and/or antibody—are the right fit for a space and its population.

Each type of test has a different probability for detecting COVID-19. As the most sensitive and accurate diagnostic tool, RT-qPCR rapid tests are ideal or remote environments where an outbreak could have severe economic and/or health impacts.

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Antigen test

A rapid antigen test for COVID-19 detects SARS-CoV-2 viral proteins to confirm the presence of an active infection. Learn more

Antibody test

Antibodies are proteins produced in response to a viral infection offering protection from future reinfection. Learn more