Every space is unique, as is its risk for COVID-19

Square footage. Air flow. Human behavior. Community infection rates. Many factors impact the risk levels for pathogen spread and exposure in buildings. No standard, one-size-fits-all approach will effectively mitigate the risks of COVID-19.

Protect your assets and people with a Songbird risk-management strategy that is informed by science and customized to the specifics of your space and how it is used. Songbird Life Science keeps shared spaces—and the people in them—safer.

Hyris bCUBE

The Hyris bCUBE

Rapid, onsite COVID-19 testing gets people back to work, school and life sooner. The Hyris bCUBE is a portable, DNA-based “lab in a box” that delivers results with a 95% accuracy rate, within 120 minutes. Approved by Health Canada as a point-of-care medical device for both human and surface testing, Songbird is the exclusive Canadian provider of the Hyris bCUBE.

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Songbird solutions: Informed by science. Supported by data.

Create a safer space with Songbird’s four-step comprehensive approach.

Assess your space

Experts in building science and pathogens identify and evaluate the true risk level of a space or community. Thorough analysis of facilities, people, products and events informs the development of a practical risk-management strategy that can easily be implemented.

Test people and your space

Rapid human and surface testing detects risks immediately, while quantifying if existing measures—including cleaning, workflow and ventilation modifications—are working. Onsite, accurate testing with results in 90 minutes quickly enables remedial action.

Improve your space

Testing data, in combination with advanced diagnostic assessment tools, expert insights and ongoing monitoring, informs what investments are needed to minimize long-term risks. Ongoing R&D generates new technology, testing and tools to respond to emerging developments, both internal and external.

Trust your space

Digital software and tools communicate measures taken to establish confidence and trust with valuable stakeholders, users and occupants.

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Partners in safety

A shared enterprise between RWDI and Purity-IQ, Songbird Life Science brings an unmatched understanding of pathogens, ventilation, air quality, and industry operations. Together, with our world-class experts in DNA-molecular biology and building science, we are your partners to keep operations running uninterrupted and people feeling safe in your shared spaces.

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