About Us

The Songbird Team

Experts in DNA-molecular biology and building science, the Songbird Life Science team brings an unmatched understanding of pathogens, ventilation, air quality, and industry operations. We are your partners in keeping people and communities safe—and operations running.


Deleo de Leonardis

Deleo de Leonardis Co-founder

Deleo is the co-founder of Songbird Life Science Inc. She is also a co-founder and the CEO of Purity-IQ Inc., a global organization founded upon cutting-edge genetic, chemical and metabolomic biotechnologies. As the CEO of Purity-IQ, she oversees the team responsible for the development of standards, innovative tools and the validation of scientific methods. Applying decades of merchandising and customer-facing retail experience, Deleo provides an unparalleled understanding of the consumer point of view, assuring Songbird services always meet—or exceed—end-user expectations.

Michael J. Soligo

Michael J. Soligo, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., C.Dir. Co-founder

Michael is the co-founder of Songbird Life Science and the president and CEO of RWDI, a leading engineering firm specializing in building sciences. Michael effectively leads his teams in setting strategies, defining key priorities and pursuing opportunities. A wind engineer and microclimate specialist who has completed scores of notable projects around the world, he brings a wealth of experience to his efforts to drive growth and deepen technical capabilities, while helping clients solve tough engineering challenges and execute ambitious projects.

General Manager

John Andonoff General Manager

With over 25 years of experience in the Canadian healthcare sector, John brings a wealth of commercial, business development, and high-performing team leadership to Songbird Life Science. His ability to set a clear vision and create innovative strategic plans that are followed by flawless execution are distinct markers of his successful career. The expertise of medical devices, infectious diseases, and vaccine public health enables John, as General Manager, to lead a strong collaborative team, committed to establishing the safe conditions Canadians need to work, study, play, travel and thrive in trusted spaces every day.